What’s Happening? (science)

Today the earth’s magnetic field is about 10 percent weaker than it was when German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss started keeping tabs on it in 1845. So what? Well, some scientists point to the incremental fading of the earth’s magnetic field to support a younger age for the earth. Instead of millions of years the calculation would be in the thousands. That would put a strain upon the evolutionary hypothesis. A date of more than 10,000 years would create a magnetic field impossibly high for any life to exist. Although, archaeomagnetic (magnetism of pottery, bricks, etc.) data does support evidence of fluctuation in the earth’s magnetic field. Paleomagnetic (magnetism of geologic strata) data even supports evidence that the earth’s magnetic poles have reversed themselves in history.

All this is sparked by an AP article posted today by one of its science writers titled Earth’s Magnetic Poles Drifting Quickly. This jumped out at me as another example of natural disaster hype. In 2003 Hollywood seized on the natural-disaster genre with The Core, a film in which the collapse of Earth’s magnetic field leads to massive electrical storms, blasts of solar radiation, and birds incapable of navigation. I see this as just another admission of our helplessness to the natural world, but unwillingness to submit our it’s designer.

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