Psalm 107:30 “Then they were glad because they were quiet, So He guided them to their desired haven.” (NASB) After experiencing the violence and noise of the storm upon the sea, they experienced a quietness within themselves. Storms in my life can produce a stillness in the aftermath. It’s kind of like when people experience an earthquake or gunfire in battle, immediately after the noise, confusion, and wreckage there is a moment where everyone is still and their senses are heightened, looking around and listening, because they don’t know if more is to come or how things stand in the aftermath of the damage of the earthquake or injury from the gun-battle.

War and storms heighten our senses and stop us in our tracks. They’re very good at getting our attention and making us re-calibrate our perspective and sense of direction.

Help me embrace and (dare I say) enjoy the earthquakes and battles You send me into, knowing the quietness they force on the other side.

In Psalm 107 the writer explains the way a good god acts in devotion toward His redeemed people. The same cycle is mentioned 4 times where: the people are in trouble, the people cry out to God, the people are delivered, and the people are encouraged to respond with thanks. This is such a common cycle that it lacks profundity. There are several items repeated: the word “some” is repeated in verse 4, 10, 17, and 23.

In these instances some are meandering, some are rebellious, some are foolish, and some are risk takers. These all line up somewhat with the 4 soils in the parable of the sower.

I see a little of me in each of these. I’ve meandered. I’ve rebelled against what I know. I’ve done stupid stuff. I’ve gotten myself in hard situations by my own choosing. My God has always been good. His purpose is always to deliver. The way in which he acts toward me is always in loving devotion (checed).

Father, I acknowledge Your consistent devotion. You have been faithful. You have guided when I’ve wandered. You have brought me out of darkness and into freedom when I’ve closed my ears to Your voice. You have sent Your word to heal and free me when I’ve just been plain stupid. You have stilled the storm when I’ve been in rough waters. I can say You have been my Redeemer. And based on Your devotion in the past I can trust myself to You for what lied ahead.


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