Notes from G. Campbell Morgan Conference

9th Annual Biola Morgan Conference

Fred Sanders has posted excerpts from Biola’s Torrey Honors Institute 9th Annual G. Campbell Morgan Conference at the Scriptoriumdaily.  G. Campbell Morgan was pastor at Westminster Chapel from 1904-1917 and 1933-1943, prior to the Doctor, D. Martin Lloyd-Jones.

Sanders says:

“In ten hours of lectures, we cover the ten major doctrinal areas, pointing out the major features, providing the key terms, and especially describing the relationships among the various topics.”

Some excerpts:

“The church as we see it is made up of the saved and unsaved. The church as God sees it is the actual totality of the redeemed.” – Greg Peters

“The high point of creation is not humanity. We are just the sixth day. The high point of creation is the creation and the blessing of the sabbath.” – Mark Saucy


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