Gospel Implications

This is a compilation of tweets by Scotty Smith focusing on gospel implications. Meditating on these reminds me of the practice of George Mueller regarding making his soul happy in the Lord. This is fodder for that type of meditation.

Gospel Implications: Jesus’ imputed righteousness demolishes our hope of meriting God’s favor and fear of losing it.

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus is currently making all his enemies his footstool, our right to anxiety & fear is gone.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus took our guilt & shame on the cross, we can’t use those dark tools in our relationships.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus in making all things new, we can’t disengage from the culture & abuse the environment.

Gospel Implications: Since God promises the sufficiency of his grace, we can’t bail as quickly from difficult situations.

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus said “It is finished”, all attempts at supplementing his work are blasphemous.

Gospel Implications: Because the throne of heaven is occupied, you can get off of your high horse.

Gospel Implications: Because one day we will be as lovely & loving as Jesus, holiness should be a passion & joy today.

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus will not sleep or slumber tonight, we can.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus is praying we’ll be filled with his joy, staying dour, smug, & cold is not an option.

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus has perfectly obeyed the law for us, we don’t have to, we GET to.

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus cannot possibly love us more than he already does, we can focus on loving others.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus is our Advocate & Intercessor, who even purifies our prayers, we can pray big & boldly.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus is the ONLY perfect spouse, let’s not expect our spouse to be Jesus to us.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus IS a perfect spouse to us, let’s love our spouse more sacrificially & extravagantly.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus ONLY & ALWAYS speaks words of life to us, how dare we harm one another with OUR words?

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus is redeeming a pan-national Bride, we must decry & repent of all racism & tribalism.

Gospel Implications: Since we are in Christ and condemnation free, all self-contempt must be repudiated as unbelief.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus came to set prisoners free, we must not stay enslaved to bitterness, greed and vanity.

Gospel Implications: Do not think/act like an orphan, for you are a legally adopted, dearly loved child of your Father.

Gospel Implications: Since the Father has lavished his love upon us in Jesus, let’s not hoard it. Love boldly today.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus has worked for us, we must rest in him. A most freeing imperative, indeed.

Gospel Implications: Jesus was the 2nd Adam who succeeded brilliantly as our substitute. Quit trying to be a 3rd Adam.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus made and will glorify our bodies one Day, we must neither despise, abuse or worship them.

Jesus has the only set of shoulders broad enough to carry the burden of your sin, brokenness, shame and despair. Offload.

Because Jesus is a wonderful, merciful Savior, you can abandon yourself to him right now, with your tears, fears and woes.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus has made himself a friend of sinners, why would you take your heart and sin elsewhere?

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus has paid the full price for your sin, put your worthless pennies of penance away.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus has a humble and gentle heart, and promises you rest, run to him with your restlessness.

Gospel Implications: The indicatives of the gospel make the imperatives of the gospel essential but non-meritorious.

Gospel Implications: Our justification in Christ transforms our victimizations in life by the healing power of grace.

Gospel Implications: Since we are ONLY sanctified by God’s grace and Spirit, adding to these 2 is foolish and faithless.

Gospel Implications: Glorious reversal – Only the gospel frees us to bemoan our righteousness and boast in our weakness.

Gospel Implications: For Paul, believing in Jesus and suffering for him were BOTH considered gifts of grace. Phil 1:29

Gospel Implications: Grace frees us to prove the wonders of Jesus’ love, not the worthiness of our anything.

Gospel Implications: Grace teaches us to say “No!” to ungodliness, not “Yes!” to conscience-free irresponsibility.

Gospel Implications: Our justification in Christ in not a legal fiction but a regal action. The King of Glory died for us.

Gospel Implications: No condemnation means NO condemnation forever; not a scintilla even for a nanosecond.

Gospel Implications: “In Christ” means our whole being is in vital union with Jesus. Whatever is his has been made ours!

Gospel Implications: Jesus is redeeming a pan-national Bride & restoring his pervasively-broken world. Engage with both.

Gospel Implications: The Lamb HAS triumphed, the Lamb WILL triumph. Say goodbye to hopeless, fearful, selfish living.

Gospel Implications: We are “recovering legalists and Pharisees” to the extent we are actually becoming like Jesus.

Gospel Implications: There’s nothing very amazing about a grace which only makes us glad we’re not a “Fundie” anymore.

The gospel, and the gospel alone, is the power of God for the salvation of non-believers and believers alike. Open the cage!

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus rules the world with truth & grace, life is all about proving the wonders of his love.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus has already defeated Satan & death, we can labor & love in the presence of evil w/ hope.

Gospel Implications: Since Jesus is a present & reigning Lord, our calling is to do everything WITH Jesus, not FOR Jesus.

There’s a direct correlation between how much we cherish the gospel and how patient we are with aggravating people.

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus is your righteousness; fret less, pretend less, strive less, doubt less, sleep better.

Gospel Implications: Justification by sanctification is a heresy. Justification without sanctification is a myth.

Gospel Implications: Excessive busyness isn’t to be applauded or pitied, but exorcised like a demon.

Gospel Implications: When you substitute groveling penance for gospel repentance you lie about the work of Jesus.

Gospel Implications: God doesn’t remember our sins against us because he remembered them against Jesus.

Gospel Implications: The difference between trying to appease the Lord and knowing you please him is the gospel.

Gospel Implications: God cannot possibly love you any more than he already does in Christ. Deal with it.

Gospel Implications: Since we’re destined for a life of shameless nakedness (Gen. 2:25), let’s hide & pretend less now.

Gospel Implications: We don’t fear the wrath that IS to come because of the wrath that has ALREADY come on Jesus, for US.

Gospel Implications: Because Jesus completely defeated Satan at the cross, missions is a no-fail mop-up operation.

Gospel Implications: There will always be more grace left over at the end of our crises, sufferings & hard providences.

Gospel Implications: Since we never inform God about anything when we confess our sins, repent w/ abandon & w/out fear!

There’s only 1 cure for being an approval-junkie: Being so smitten with Jesus’ love for you praise & rejection lose power.

(HT: Timmy Brister)


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