4 Tips on Discipleship and Young Mothers

Here are 4 posts in a series on discipleship and young mothers by Melanie Yong at the Domestic Kingdom blog. She addresses 3 objections:

Objection #1: Young moms are too busy to invest in a discipleship relationship. Her answer: Because of the unique season of young motherhood, discipleship will probably not look like formally sitting down with a younger woman and digging into the depths of Scripture for hours. More likely this discipleship will happen in intentional conversations and pictures of gospel application facilitated by opportunities to correct children or pick up toys. You can pray for one another woman and lift each other before the Lord even with your two-year old wiggling in your lap. Being a young mother is not an excuse to not disciple younger women, it is a reason to do so.

Objection #2: I’m not one to be emulated. My children aren’t obedient enough. I’m not fill-in-the-blank enough. Her answer: When I invite a young woman into my life and she sees my failings and my sin, I have the opportunity to show what kind of people Christ came to die for: sinful, blemished people. I have the occasion to communicate that apart from Christ’s gracious work in my life I would be a much meaner, more selfish mom. I can show this younger woman how to rejoice in the fact that Christ came to heal the sick and needy, not the healthy and perfect.

Objection #3: My children are my priority. I can’t divide my time. Her answer: Precisely because they are learning about life by watching, don’t we want our children to see us caring for and investing in other people? Our children are watching and learning more than we know. Modeling discipleship to your children in this way is not a forsaking of them as your priority.

Check out each post:

Part 1: Discipleship is for Young Moms, Too.

Part 2: No Time to Disciple Other Women? No problem!

Part 3: No Sufficiency to Disciple Other Women? No Problem!

Part 4: No Priorities to Disciple Other Women? No Problem!


3 thoughts on “4 Tips on Discipleship and Young Mothers

  1. Do you know where Melanie Yong’s blog is now?
    (finding a broken link.)

    I remember reading some of those posts, and wanted to find them again!!
    They were so hard to hear; sounded harsh… yet, had some good wisdom in ’em.


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