Link List Oct 2

dist. links | OCTOBER 2, 2012

  1. Wendell Berry, letter to the editor. “I don’t think global thinking is futile, I think it is impossible.”
  2. Loving those who keep watch over your soul. Ways to encourage those who lead.
  3. I’m not a finance guy, but this sounds amazing. Gift Annuities that benefit everyone.
  4. David Mays’ book notes. New book giving overview of missions in Scripture.
  5. How do you follow-up? [4] great tips to take learning to implementation.
  6. The gritty realities of Biblical discipleship. Jo Saxton, director from 3DM.
  7. [4] things to remember when reading the classics from Reynolds. [8] things to avoid when reading the classics from Ryken.
  8. Keep from shipwrecking your marriage. Earnest pleas for moral purity in marriage.
  9. A book  J.I. Packer advises people to read “three times over, with a month’s interval (certainly not less, and ideally, I think, not more) between each reading.”

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