How To Memorize 100 Verses

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That’s a wrap

I wrapped up another year of Awana last week. Together with Tony, MaryBeth, Gary, Billy and Helen we led around 40-50 kindergartners, first graders, and second graders. Another dozen LITs (junior and senior high leaders-in-training) helped manage the chaos (at times adding to the chaos).

Learning together

Awana is a great multi-generational discipleship program. It involves almost every age group. Pre-school and elementary age kids participate, junior and senior higher assist in the activities, and the adults are there to lead. All are engaging with one another with the purpose of learning about Jesus.

Challenging, but fruitful

The hallmark of Awana is reciting verses. This is the most challenging segment of the evening, especially with the age group I work with; it takes creativity to capture the attention of five to seven year olds. It is challenging, but fruitful. Throughout the year we recited fifty verses. Several of the kids went through the verses twice.

Intentionality and repetition

Working on these verses with the kids over the course of the year always reminds me of the benefit of memorizing Scripture. It also reminds me of how challenging it is. It takes intentionality and repetition. But there is nothing like having passages hidden in your heart that can be recalled when needed.

Help with memorization

For the past six or seven months I have been using an app called Scripture Typer to help me with memorization. I know there are a lot of apps out there, but I like several features with Scripture Typer. First, it’s free! (there is an upgrade version you have to pay for). Second, is the way it has you learn by typing the first letter of the word. That has worked well for me. Third, it sets up a review schedule. If a verse is typed correctly, it progressively extends the review intervals.

Refresh an old discipline

In the app are over fifty collections of verses pre-grouped by topic, such as comfort in sorrow or freedom from sin. I would suggest the “Top 100 Verses” collection. These are anchor verses. You probably already have a lot of them memorized, so starting here will make you feel like a memorization rock star. Using an app (or you can use the desktop site can put freshness to a discipline that may have become stale. Scripture memory is not just for kids!

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