Yes and No


Anyone who has been in my office knows I like 2 Corinthians 1:20. “For all of God’s promises are ‘Yes’ in Christ.” I love the word yes. It is so affirming. It’s so positive. So confident. In Jesus, everything God has said is true, faithful, and certain.

I love to hear yes. I love to say yes. I would much rather say yes than no. Perhaps it’s a meeting that I really don’t have time to offer. It pains me to say no. Even if I want to say no, sometimes I will say yes, just to avoid saying no.

As free as God is with his yes, it does not pain him to say no. In fact, in our lives, among the numerous yes’s, God has no problem placing a no right in the middle. I heard Curt Thompson talk about how this is what he did with Adam and Eve. “Eat it all,” God said. “But the one in the very center—no.”

One tree was planted in the center. One no. We don’t want a no in the very center of who we are. We want God to say yes to the deepest center. But God’s plan is different. It sure seems like a bad plan often times. Plant it behind a tall wall. Plant it off in the distance. Don’t put it right in the middle of me.

God knows we will only be able to hear his unquestionable yes’s, when we are able to not question his no. It does not pain God to say no, because it is always an act of his love.


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